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We Have Winners
Congratulations to the winners of the World of Hummingbirds .com 2012 Calendar Contest. And they are:

Grand Prize Winner

  • Paul Harris, Costa Rica


  • Robert Sebold

  • Lynda Sanders, Walnut, Ca.

  • Jerry Smith, Iowa

  • John, Levittown Pa.

  • Dee

  • Marco Argueta, La Paz, Honduras

  • Tongho58, Huntington Beach, CA

  • Jay Talbert, Clearfield, Utah

  • William Fiero, Mindo Ecuador

  • Anne Hudson

Runners Up

  • Bette Chapman

  • William Fiero, Mindo Ecuador

  • Tongho58, Huntington Beach, CA

  • Verlin Wichman

  • Sue, Oregon

  • Gaylene Meyer, Seattle, WA

  • Laura Cortes, Mexico

  • Jerry Smith, Iowa

  • Alejandro Bedini, Chile

  • Fred Turner

  • Darla Wright, Sheridan Tx.

  • Jerry Smith, Iowa

  • Tiffany McGee

  • Verlin Wichman

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