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Congratulations to the winners of the World of Hummingbirds .com 2013 Calendar Contest. Click the button below to see the Winning Photos.

The Winners Are:

Raul Erazo
Jerry Smith
Greg German
William Burton
Ramir Delgado
Stacie Zinn
Jay Mills
Dr. Robert Gallardo
Ben Huber
Kelly Baldwin
Cris Hayes
Andy Duhon
Lela Howell
Jay Mills
Dawn Williams

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Hummingbird Stories

Awesome Bird

My wife and I are snow birds. When we’re in Missouri I have one hummingbird feeder that I keep filled with sugar water. Several hummers fight over their right to sip the fake nectar.

Last October, when the birds left for warmer climates-Mexico perhaps, I took down the feeder, washed it, and put it in the garage for storage. A few days after Christmas we left for Florida.

We returned to Chesterfield Missouri in early July. The morning after we got back we were eating breakfast and looking out the window to our backyard. A hummingbird came up and flew around the chain where I normally hang the hummingbird feeder. In about ten seconds it did several circuits around the empty chain.

I inferred its’ message, “I want my food. Where is it?” I made the sugar water and had the feeder hung up within twenty minutes. The bird was back almost immediately and brought friends to the feeder within an hour.

My wife and I were amazed that that this little bird could, after nine months, remember the location of its feeder.

Do you have a story you would like to share? If so, write it up in a story format with your name and where you live and we can add it to the site so the rest of the World of Hummingbird .com members can enjoy as well.

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