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Hummingbird Stories

My Hummingbird Moments

A few years ago my grandson came running in from the garage said, Nana come quick the hummingbird is trapped in the window!

I had set the hummingbird feeders out early in the spring. I had not seen them yet but somehow knew it was time for them to visit. I ran out into the garage and the male hummingbird was flying so fast trying to escape. I reach my hand in and he collapsed…

As I held his tiny life in the palm of my hands I ran to the front porch and grabbed the hummingbird feeder and put his beak in the feeder. He was too weak to feed himself and willed him to survive after 30 plus minutes he flew away. Tears stung my eyes with joy he was alive.

The next day he visited me at my picture window. He flew right to me and just fluttered as to say thank you for saving my life. What a gift and a blessing the hummingbirds are.

My husband had opened the garage window and the garage door for all my flowers I had purchased and it was too early to plant them and I believe the hummingbird found them too, only when he tried to fly away instead of flying out the garage door he tried the window and couldn’t get free. He had used all his energy!!! To this day I make their feeders early for them and by doing so I was able to save his life.

To this day I believe God gave me a gift I will treasure I held a hummingbird in the palm of my hand and nursed him back to life. The other gift was he visited me. He had remembered it touched my heart…

Another time we had taken our grandson to a national park. We took him swimming, boating, hiking, horseback riding and to the rangers station where there were animals he could see. We did whatever he wanted to do, even fishing. He had a surprise for Nana and wouldn’t tell me; he wanted to show me. We walked and walked. I had asked are we there yet? The ranger had told him a family had mentioned they saw a bird’s nest. Papa and Mike were under this huge tree and looking so hard and they would not tell me what they were searching for.

I was sitting on the picnic table and said, “Are we looking for a hummingbird’s nest?” Papa and Mike just stared at each other. I had seen the mother hummingbird sitting on the nest right above my head. It was so tiny I don’t know how I saw it and my grandson said, that was my surprise Nana.

Tears rolled down my cheeks to think how special it was that that he knew how much I loved hummingbirds to take me there to surprise me only I surprised him finding it!!!!

I believe hummingbirds are a gift a blessing and I feel so blessed. What a precious gift my grandson shared with me! How cool is that!!

Then this summer was the biggest joy….The female hummingbird visited the front feeders very frequently as I watched her she would go and sit on our hummingbird chime. She looked just like part of the hummingbird chime if, you didn’t know she was real. Then more and more often she would just sit and sit only to fly over to the feeder and back and I had mentioned to my husband do you think she is okay?

Then tears stung my eyes when I realized she had built her nest attached to the hummingbird chime that’s why she was sitting and sitting.

I can sit on the sofa or in the chair my picture window and watch her on her tiny little nest. She is so dedicate to that nest and chases the male hummingbird away from the front porch hummingbird feeder. We had to put two additional feeders in the backyard for the male hummingbird and the Oreo’s to feed.

We have had the joy of watching her feed the baby hummingbirds. There are two of them. They are so tiny and have grown so fast. They are getting ready to fly. They are spreading their wings and it has been the greatest gift to watch them grow right before my eyes…I know I will cry when they fly out of their nest; but they will be tears of pure joy.

Each morning when I first wake up I hurry to the picture window it is such a blessing no words can describe. I won’t let anyone on the front porch only to change their feeders.

Tonight the hummingbird flew right up to my face and I wasn’t on the front porch I was in the back yard. I cherish each moment with them.

I pray every year that they will come back to visit me again. I treasure these precious moments.

Do you have a story you would like to share? If so, write it up in a story format with your name and where you live and we can add it to the site so the rest of the World of Hummingbird .com members can enjoy as well.

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