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Hummingbird Stories

A Hummingbird’s Thank You

Some people think animals can’t communicate with humans. I on the other hand feel differently, each animal has its own way of letting us know how they feel this is the story of a hummingbird’s thank you.

It was a beautiful sunny morning in early April, my husband Chuck and I had decided to have our morning coffee out on the front porch. Our white rocking chairs seemed to be the perfect sitting for this morning. “Nice out here isn’t it”, said Chuck as he sat down.

“Of course” I reply there is nothing any better than a warm sunny morning in God’s beautiful world to enjoy.

Just as I spoke I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I turned to see a hummingbird coming up to the front porch. “Well” I thought to myself, “this is early for the hummingbirds to be coming out”.

“Chuck, do you remember where the feeders are for the hummingbirds? It must be time to put them out.” Chuck replied “they are in the garage”.

“Don’t you think it’s early for them” I asked. Chuck replied “Yes, Glenna I think it really is”.

The previous year I put the hummingbird feeders on the porch close to where I sit each morning. One of the highlights of my morning was to watch them flit in and out as they sipped the colorful nectar, which I had put out for them. It never ceased to amaze me as to how they fly forward and backward with such ease and beauty. I loved it!

On this particular morning, I noticed the hummingbird coming to the exact spot where the feeder had been the year before. That seems strange I thought to myself.

“Chuck, do you think one of these hummingbirds could be one of the hummingbirds that fed here last year?” He replied “it sure appears that it is”.

The hummingbird flew up close to me and flitted back to where the feeder had been last year, he did this a couple of times. “Watch this hummingbird Chuck. I think he is trying to remind me about the feeders. The hummingbird flies to me and back to where the feeder was before. I said “he’s trying to tell me something”.

“Glenna, hummingbirds don’t talk” Chuck said emphatically.

“I feel like he is telling me about the feeders. You know the old saying –actions speak louder than words–“, I replied as I got up and went to the garage to find the feeder.

When I returned to the front porch the bird flew again toward me and back to the same spot.

“Look at this. He has to be asking for food. Why else would he be flying the same pattern over and over” I questioned.

I had to leave the porch again to get the liquid mixture to fill the feeder. When I returned I hung it in the exact same spot as it had been the year before.

Just as soon as I sat down in the rocking chair the hummingbird came and drank. Back and forth, back and forth; until he seemed satisfied. Then, to my amazement, he flew in front of me in and out, in and out several times.

In my opinion that hummingbird was saying “Thank you for the food” in the only way he could by his flying toward me.

Do hummingbirds remember from one year to the next?

Can Hummingbirds communicate by their actions?

In my opinion, God made an amazing world. He gave animals a way to communicate with humans.

Thank you God for your beautiful world. And for the gorgeous tiny creatures who seem to speak though their fantastic actions.

Do you have a story you would like to share? If so, write it up in a story format with your name and where you live and we can add it to the site so the rest of the World of Hummingbird .com members can enjoy as well.

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