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Hummingbird Food or Nectar

Hummingbird nectar is also known as hummingbird food. There are two ways to go about providing your hummingbird with nectar, you can either buy it, or make it. There are several commercially available hummingbird nectar products you can purchase, but try not to purchase any products that are colored red. Red dye is unnecessary to attract hummingbird and can be bad for their tiny little kidneys. You can make homemade hummingbird nectar which can be healthier and less expensive that the store bought variety.


Boil more than four (4) cups of water on the stove top. When you use more than four (4) cups of water, you can adjust to the loss of water from steam. Carefully measure out four (4) cups of boiling water into a large bowl. Add one (1) cup of pure cane white granulated sugar. Mix the pure cane white granulated sugar and water together until all of the sugar is dissolved. Carefully place the mixture into the refrigerator to cool, usually overnight. When mixture is cold, take the mixture out of the refrigerator. You now have a bowl of hummingbird food.

Very carefully, take apart your hummingbird feeder, following the manufactures instructions. Clean the hummingbird feeder with soap and water making sure your hummingbird feeder is clean and free from any debris and/or mold. Carefully pour the hummingbird nectar into the tank of the hummingbird feeder. Don’t spill the hummingbird food or you will have an ant invasion in your house, and if you do, clean it up right away with soap and water. Reassemble the hummingbird feeder according to the manufactures instructions.

Place the hummingbird feeder full of hummingbird nectar outside in a quiet location that is out of the way of noise and traffic. The best place is usually outside of a side window so you can watch the hummingbirds come and go as they drink the nectar and enjoy what you have provided for them.

While you hummingbird feeders out, it is important to remember to change the nectar at a minimum of every three days. If you seen white floating strands, or the nectar gets cloudy, or it just doesn’t’ look right, make sure to take down the feeder and clean it thoroughly. This will not only protect the health of your hummingbirds, your hummingbirds will be more likely to stick around for more.


The recipe needs to be followed exactly as written. Hummingbirds are very sensitive creatures with tiny body organs. Not following the recipe exactly or using substitutions can harm the hummingbirds.

Making hummingbird nectar (or hummingbird food) is inexpensive and fun way to keep your hummingbirds happy and coming back for more.

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